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Climate change


CARBON EXPO - An international cornerstone event where a market of over one billion tonnes of CO2 comes together

Andrei Marcu, the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

Over the last three years we have seen an every increasing growth in the carbon market. Climate change is now an issue that is being discussed in every major company board. We have seen that all greenhouse gas (GHG) markets have seen a dramatic increase in capital entering the market. The biggest market, the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS), had a market value of over US $18 billion in 2006. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) market there has a tradable market value of US $2.3 billion. The GHG market is still rapidly growing and 2007 is expected to show again new records in terms of tradable volumes as well as market value.

CARBON EXPO, jointly organized by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), the World Bank and Koelnmesse, is the leading Global Trade Fair and Conference for emissions trading and carbon abatement solutions and is the largest gathering of the global GHG carbon market. CARBON EXPO presents the market mechanisms which help meet global climate protection goals that are the outcome of the Kyoto Protocol, EU ETS or emerging trading schemes such as Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) or national emissions trading schemes (NETS). This event supports these initiatives, contributing to the long-term establishment of a market for emissions trading, and is playing a vital role in expanding the flow of capital to the developing world in order to take up the challenge of climate change. CARBON EXPO is the biggest non-UN event for the rapidly growing GHG market.

For the fourth year in a row this international event was scheduled in Cologne, Germany in 2007. It has proved its value as the premier meeting place for companies from all over the world doing business in the carbon market, with the objective of generating new opportunities for greenhouse gas emission reductions for private operators and governments from industrialized and developing countries.

With over 200 exhibitors from 70 countries, the Trade Fair represents a unique opportunity for companies dealing in the GHG market and offers a platform for high profile participants and exhibitors. In this year's edition, industrial companies, technology providers, consultants, banks, legal advisors, verifiers and certifiers of emissions, institutions, project developers, trading platforms, financial service providers, software suppliers and carbon funds all attended.

Alongside the Trade Fair, the CARBON EXPO Conference, with over 2000 participants from 112 countries, 180 speakers in eight plenary sessions and 22 Workshops, divided into three streams, «Project», «Traders» and «Global», has proved itself as the place where the world's leading carbon trade practitioners provide information and share the latest developments on carbon trading. Participants are given a complete overview of the GHG market, trends in the GHG market, the use of future market developments and new supply sources, and their effects on price structures.

In 2007 with support from the World Bank, over 35 non-Annex I Host Countries were invited. Among them, to name a few: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mali, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, and Thailand, presenting current emission reduction projects and their corresponding investment plans and possibilities for development, offering participants the opportunity to network and do business with leading industrial and service enterprises, representatives of industries and governments of developing countries and economies in transition. Kyoto Protocol has made developing countries and economies in transition interesting as a location for emission reduction education projects and made them important partners in global climate protection.

Following three years of success in Cologne, the partners of CARBON EXPO organized the first CARBON EXPO ASIA 2006, which took place on 26-27 October 2006 in Beijing, China. In a joint statement they said: «CARBON EXPO ASIA is a milestone for the carbon market in the growing Asian marketplace. It has succeeded in bringing together all projects, services, initiatives, and development involving the Asian Carbon Market under one roof. Key players from around the region were able to network with the movers and shakers in the global market, some for the first time.» In total, 1100 participants from 44 countries, including 91 media representatives attended the event. CARBON EXPO ASIA 2007 is now underway and will take place in October 2007, in Singapore.