Sustainable development:
Social issues & the environment

Activités humanitaires et l'environnement

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Environmental considerations are integrated from the start in any UNHCR refugee assistance operation, while the full participation of refugees as well as of local populations in environmental conservation is encouraged. A monitoring system was established in 1995, and Greening the Camps was UNHCR's theme for World Environment Day in 2005. The office has published Environmental Guidelines, as well as a series of handbooks on environmental management and forestry, refugee operations, energy use, alternative fuels and cooking stoves, sound agricultural practice, and animal husbandry. It has also adopted environmentally-friendly procurement guidelines and has an in-house recycling program. UNHCR's environmental budget accounts for 5% of its total US $1 billion.

Refugees leaving Aisha camp

Refugees preparing to leave Aisha camp dismantle their tukuls so that they can take the wood home and use it for a new shelter there. ©UNHCR/B.Heger