Partnerships for the Planet

Stories from Geneva

From climate change to chemicals, from water to weather, from banking and business to wildlife conservation and law – the Geneva region has established itself in the past 40 years as a world-class city for international initiatives on the environmental aspects of sustainable development.

For the first time, the project Partnerships for the Planet: Stories from Geneva captures for the general public the flavor of alliances, partnerships and environmental initiatives that have given Geneva its unique position as a crossroads for sustainable development and an interface between environment, economy and social issues. This project highlights the ways in which organizations have attempted to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow’s environmental issues through articles giving leaders of organizations and institutions the chance to tell the story of their partnerships and initiatives for environment and sustainable development.

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We encourage public and private institutions to offer their stories for the website, to make it a living document of the most recent examples of partnerships in environment and sustainable development.

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