Initiatives: Local action
for sustainable development


Geneva, the climate capital

FEDRE (Fondation Européenne pour le Développement Durable des Régions/European Foundation for the Sustainable Development of the Regions) has been organizing international forums on sustainable energy since 2001. It works to facilitate the creation of partnerships between European regions in sustainable development and energy, and to disseminate information on the variety of energy sources. As part of its initiative «Genève, capitale du climat 2006-2008» (Geneva the climate capital), the «Planet Climate Planète Climat» program was officially launched at its 2006 annual forum. This is a traveling version of «Climax», the educational exhibition set up by the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie de Paris, one of FEDRE's partners. This international program aims at raising the awareness of the general population (particularly young people), local authorities and companies about the causes and consequences of global warming, and about the responsibility to take action. This exhibition will be presented in cities of Europe and the Southern Mediterranean over three years.